The below videos showcase the variety in size, style and finish of the completed apartments at Renovaré Yeronga. We have also included some Client Testimonials to showcase why they love living in our apartments!
For those looking to buy off the plan, please use the below as an indication of the high level of quality you can expect with your property.

What are the advantages of buying off plan?

Having our unit customised to our needs and getting in first as we wanted the aspect that we have and those units were snapped up quickly.

Why did you feel comfortable enough to buy off plan?

Being involved with the design and then watching it take shape is really special, and something I would definitely recommend!

Are you happy now with your GVG apartment?

The design of my apartment is a very clever use of the available space and lovely interior design. The large communal living area leading out to the balcony works beautifully, and is perfect for entertaining. The bedrooms are well set out with plenty of wardrobe space for everyone.

Why did you choose to downsize?

We are getting older - less maintenance and more time to do other things as less cleaning etc. to do as well. We also wanted to move closer to the city and that was an affordable way to do that.

Did GVG make the process of buying easy for you?

Yes and we love the fact that they gave us the chance to customise the unit to our needs as we had a lot of say towards individualising our units to what we wanted.

Why did you choose to downsize?

My children had become adults and no longer used the yard or the pool so I decided that it was time to downsize. What I didn’t realise until after I had moved was how easy my life would become, and how much more me time I would have! The location of my apartment is just perfect with transport and shops nearby and I hardly ever drive my car anymore.

What are the advantages of buying off plan?

I changed all sorts of things from extra parking to power points, fans, appliances, floor coverings, and even extended the kitchen bench out to the balcony! All of this was at little or no cost, and would not have been possible once the apartment was completed. The GVG designer was available to help me and to ensure I was completely happy with the plans.

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